Saturday, August 09, 2014

#Wikidata - Dear Lila, it is all about the application

Three months in the job, Lila did an analysis of where we are with our projects. The way she brought it was very much traditional; Wikipedia and English Wikipedia at that. The challenges were not that traditional; much of the public will be mobile and they will not be where they are today.

Another requirement is that all the new people need to be able to contribute. Removing the existing road blocks is absolutely necessary..

When people are to contribute, they have to have a reason to contribute. They will need to benefit from the effort. This year Commons will be wikidatafied and it will become possible to search in multiple languages. The Amnesty International community may add the people on their watch list to Wikidata. In this way what we do in Wikidata gets more of an application.

When we start thinking in terms of how people will be able to use the data we have in store for them, we will find more contributors. Their data will become better connected. The value of our data will increase and we will realise the aspiration of more people in more countries being involved in what we do. We will not only share in the sum of our available information they will put it to use for us.

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