Saturday, August 02, 2014

#Wikidata - is the 60th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht) a "division"

It seems obvious; the 60th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht) is an "infantry division" and, it is part of the Wehrmacht. There are a few problems though
  • the logo has it that it is the "60th motorised division"
  • Wikidata does not know "infantry division"
  • The German Wikipedia has a category of all infantry divisions of the Wehrmacht
  • The Waffen SS is considered to be a division of the Wehrmacht in Wikidata
It is fairly easy to include all the divisions that are in the German category as divisions and as being part of the Wehrmacht. It is fairly easy to create an item for "infantry division" as well and use that in stead of "division". Or have a "motorised division"..

It is all too easy to have other people become angry when you decide one way or the other. They are the splitters and the lumpers. The worst thing is that all communication is only happening in writing and often quite angrily. Communication on IRC is dysfunctional and this is considered a failure of the community because they could use one channel that is dominated by discussions about Wikidata development. 

Never mind, you cannot win maybe play even.

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