Thursday, August 14, 2014

#Wikidata - It ain't got a thing

A rose, a rose, is a rose by any other name as beautiful.. Eh actually people are quite smart and know a rose when they see one. Machines need to be told what is a rose.

Wikidata has this requirement of being usable by machines. So we need to know what thing a thing is and for all humans it needs to be stated that all of them are considered human.

Several high powered people at Wikimania expressed the opinion that for Wikidata to get in full swing, we have to identify every thing.

I have identified a few hundred "list articles". Items that start with "List of " or "Member of " for instance. I have identified a lot of "group of people" who were supposed to be born in the XXth century.

At Wikidata a thing is bad. We cannot safely select it, we cannot auto describe it. We should get rid of every thing.
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