Thursday, September 11, 2014

#Mortality - You make your choice and, then you die

#Vaccination is a serious subject. It allows you to prevent yourself and your loved ones from deadly deceases like the whooping cough. A report by the Hollywood reporter has it that an outbreak of whooping cough can be expected soon with deadly consequences in the Hollywood area.

When people make their own choices, they have to live with the consequences. I really wonder if the people who leave themselves vulnerable to such deadly deceases understand that they are also responsible for those they infect in turn, When they fall ill, they expect to receive treatment at no extra cost. They expect that their health plan pays for it but, should it?

With whooping cough there is sufficient research about the efficacy of the vaccines and its risks. For ebola experimental vaccines are used. Like whooping cough it is a deadly decease. I wonder if these people will refuse an experimental ebola vaccine when the decease arrives in their backyard.
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