Tuesday, September 23, 2014

#Wikimedia #Labs - when is enough enough

Wikimedia Labs is a success. It is used a lot. It is increasingly stable. It grows quite quickly and, it has its own staff who are knowledgeable and happy to work with anyone and help where needed.

It is a great project that increasingly provides important and useful services to Wikimedia projects. Some services stand on their own to the benefit of the wider open source and content world.

It is a happy story where growth is limited by the availability of hardware and support. With more hardware, with support available around the clock, the sky is the limit.

Unbounded success is great but it will on occasion overtake the projects it supports. As the demands on the projects grow, the infrastructure changes. Great best effort prevents most mishaps from happening but occasionally services do become unavailable. That is not a drama, it is the way of things.

Lately there was another snafu; it partially affected the work that I do. I noticed that the issue was actively taken care off. I send a mail to Magnus about it. In the end the issue was resolved and the services I use are back in full swing. It took a few days, there was no drama. That is success.
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