Tuesday, October 28, 2014

#Wikimedia - Men at work; preparing a #presentation III - #WCN2014

The bane of every live demonstration is when the software just does not work. My intention is to show #Wikidata in action. Demonstrate the Reasonator and AutoList2. When the experience of the last few weeks is anything to go by, I have a 50% chance of a reasonable result on the day.

There are many factors that can play up. Time outs at Wikidata are no exception at the moment and when Wikidata does not play ball, everything downstream from it suffers as a consequence. It means that I may not have a recent list of recent deaths because ToolScript does not function.

AutoList2, relies on WIDaR. It relies on being able to contact Wikidata reliably. Without this, AutoList2 does not run.

The subject of my presentation is firmly solution oriented. I can always fall back on screenshots. That feels like cheating.

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