Wednesday, October 29, 2014

#Wikimedia - Men at work; preparing a #presentation IV - #WCN2014

The Dutch community has one question to answer: what to do with available information in Dutch? How will we make it available. Currently there are 3,054,955 items [1] with labels and there are 1,890,905 items [1] that link to the Dutch Wikipedia. It follows that 62% of the in Wikidata known items do not have an article in Dutch.

This is a substantial amount of information that can be presented in Dutch. Similar numbers can be presented for any language; for English it is 39% and for German 121%..

Arguably, these items fulfill notability requirements somewhere. Arguably the Swedes have demonstrated that having more information available revitalised their community. Arguably, allowing for search results from Wikidata is an easy first step towards opening up all our available knowledge.

[1] these links take a few minutes to load; they provide real time information

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