Friday, November 28, 2014

#Wikimedia #Labs - my #stake is rare, bruised

I have a stake in Wikimedia Labs. I rely on it. I am not the only one. Wikimedia chapters rely on it; they need it for many of their activities. Glam is one area vital to them that relies on Labs.

For the Wikimedia Foundation, Labs is second tier. They have a few people dedicated to Labs. Good people, well intentioned people but what they offer is not production quality. They cannot for several reasons. There are not enough resources for them to do what is needed.

Chapters are second class citizens as well, The fact that Labs is vital to achieve their aims so far did not make a noticeable difference. In my opinion it is not only the Wikimedia Foundation who can and should make a difference. It is the chapters themselves as well.

I urge the chapters to invest in Wikimedia Labs.. It is BOTH the responsibility of the WMF and the chapters to provide adequate support. During business hours operational support should be available. Stakeholders in both WMF projects and chapter projects rely on adequate service.

Today is black friday in the USA. Yesterday was Thanksgiving. When all staff celebrate their turkey we are left to fend with even less.

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