Monday, December 29, 2014

#Wikidata - 2000 #categories with a #list

When people die and it becomes known in Wikipedia, often more can be said about that person than just his date of death. They may have studied, held an office, been a member of a sports team or a political party. Much of this information is registered in categories.

Thanks to Autolist2 it is easy to add all that information to Wikidata. The best bit is that we can indicate what conditions the articles in the category have to fulfill in Wikidata itself. It is picked up by the Reasonator and this shows in these 2000 categories that have had the treatment so far.

So check out these categories, click on the Reasonator icon and be amazed about the number of items that have been enriched slowly but surely.

PS You can do this as well :)

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