Thursday, December 25, 2014

#Wikidata - a busman's holiday

I am on a break. The people who died do not inspire me to find that they studied, held an office, or were a professor at a university or campus. I do not know who there family was, I do not know if they participated in an event. It died.

What to do..

I challenged students to point out the successes of their university or campus. To be brutally honest, there are already enough of them from German and American schools. I do not really care about them. This is different for people from countries like India, Russia, China. From a numeric perspective there are too few of them known in Wikidata.

So I am adding people who studied in India. It beats rehashing old discussions. It beats convincing Wikidata people that my time is as precious as theirs. It beats being upset about the lack of experience by some of them. It beats eating too much.

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