Monday, December 08, 2014

#Wikipedia- The numbers are what II ?

Numbers, statistics have a purpose. Their typical use is to have manager types consider how things are moving. Even though they have infinite wisdom there is not much that they can do when all numbers do is show trends.

The funny thing is that only the numbers that are collected are reflected in these trends. Wikidata for instance attracts no readers and consequently it may not be considered as a source of attention. It is a fallacy and it does not motivate people interested in Wikidata.

There are so many lists that could motivate people. Articles that need writing, differences in data between Wikipedias. The wonderful thing is that they all bring a sense of purpose and are an inspiration to improve both quality and quantity.

My favourite list is the list of zombies for 2014. Currently there are 400+ zombies that need to be killed of. It motivates because I know what to do and it is a convenient way to find categories of information that can easily be imported in Wikidata.

Statistics, numbers can motivate people to be more effective. That is how you influence the numbers these manager types look at.

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