Sunday, December 07, 2014

#Wikipedia - reaching out for #ebola

When people are not well informed about ebola, they panic. It is therefore ever so important to get the message out and get the message right. The right information is particularly important for the people who live with ebola, who see the effects first hand.

They live in Africa, in countries like Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia. A study shows that the most used source for information in these countries about ebola is Wikipedia.

For these people many of the things we take for granted are a dream. When you know about Gapminder, you know things are improving and not as bleak as they seem. People are living longer, getting educated and infrastructure is improving. It is why Wikipedia also thanks to Wikipedia Zero is reaching these parts others do not reach as effectively.

Wikipedia is effective thanks to the dedication of its volunteers, particularly those who ensure the quality of medical articles. Wikipedia comes cheap. It is the best investment in bringing knowledge to a world that is sometimes desperate for great basic and actionable information.

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