Thursday, December 11, 2014

#Wikipedia - #redirects are a one trick pony

Wikipedia and Wikipedians have grown up with the "benefits" of redirects. It is why an article is also known by a different name. In Wikidata they can be labels.

Another use is to link a name to somewhere in an article where they are mentioned. When this finds its way in Wikidata it is assumed that proper information is available on the subject in that Wikipedia article.

Wrong. When you read a Wikipedia article, it is full of all kinds of references from the subject. All of these references are also available in Reasonator in the concept cloud. Many of the references are available in statements and they in turn are available on the referred to qualifiers as well.

What something like Reasonator could do is provide proper information for all the subjects that do not have an article and refer to articles when they exist. It currently links to other Reasonator pages but it is not hard at all to configure this to link to Wikipedia articles in the "current" language. This would be a redirect on steroids.

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