Sunday, December 14, 2014

#Wikipedia - The Time Jumpers

Recently one of the Time Jumpers, Dawn Sears, died. She was married to one of the other band members; Kenny Sears he is the one playing the fiddle to the right.

According to her Wikipedia article, she is indeed married to a Kenny Sears. This is however a redirect to someone else. The husband is known on the Time Jumpers article as Kenny Sears (fiddler), it is a red link.

It is easy enough to add an item for Mr Sears in Wikidata and link him to both the Time Jumpers and to his wife. It would be good when the Wikipedia red link could be linked to Wikidata. When red links are linked to Wikidata, it is possible to relate them to existing items. In this way information is available that can be used as information for a possible article. To bring this article to an editor it just needs to be presented on the red link. That is easy enough.

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