Thursday, January 08, 2015

#Diversity - Mrs Bess Meyerson

Mrs Meyerson, was a beauty; the kind that wins the title of Miss America in 1945. She had brains too and went to university at Columbia University. According to the article about her she was a "an American model, television actress, politician, and civil rights activist".

She was more than just a pretty face. She refused to use a pseudonym; she was proud to be jewish. When she became Miss America, five sponsors withdrew from having her represent their companies as Miss America. At the time people were emerging from the death camps of Nazi Germany and at the time it was normal to encounter "No Jews" signs posted in places such as hotels and country clubs in the United States.

Diversity is in Mrs Meyerson winning the Miss America competition. It is in her campaigning against discrimination. It is in reporting this accurately in Wikipedia and it is in recognising her as a politician in Wikidata as well. When we promote diversity, it is making sure that stories like this are well represented.
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