Friday, January 02, 2015

UltimateGerardM - a #blog 10 years and counting

Blogging becomes a habit, a useful habit. It allows for the regular expression of opinion without being overly present on a mailing list. It allows for the promotion of best practices and the projects they apply to. It has enabled me to form an opinion and express it on a wide variety of subjects.

To my surprise I was told that my blog is running for 10 years. Time is creeping up on me, my beard is quite grey nowadays.. Anyway it is a time to celebrate and, what better way to celebrate a blog than to blog even more.

I will politely ask some people to make a choice from among three options:
  • answer 10 of my questions for publication on my blog
  • write a blogpost for publication on my blog
  • politely decline
When they choose for a blogpost, they may ask someone else to write a blogpost as well. This option is open for the people I invite to blog. The idea is to represent a broad spectrum of Wikimedians past and present. In this way I hope to find comments on subjects that mattered in the past and the present.

It may be useful, it will be informative but for me it will certainly be fun.
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