Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Categoria:Morti a Rottenburg am Neckar

The category on the Italian Wikipedia has been expanded with statements that help Reasonator find all the people who died in Rottenburg am Neckar. This was done by bot and it was done for the categories who identify the place of death.

This is awesome! Not only do we find all the people who are included in the Italian category, we also find all the people who have been  identified based on information from elsewhere. Caspar Adelmann for instance only has an article on the German Wikipedia.

With Kian we have a tool to make the most of information that exist in our projects. The relevance of tools like Kian is in sharing the information of Wikidata. The value is in its use. Reasonator is how we add value to the data we have and it is wonderful to see how things become connected.
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