Tuesday, March 17, 2015

#Diversity - Therezinha Zerbini, a lawyer from #Brazil II

The Spanish article about Mrs Zerbini has it that she won the prestigious Bertha Lutz award. According to the Portuguese article about the award, there are 74 women who have been celebrated in this way but not Mrs Zerbini.

Because of the extra attention given to women this month, I have added all these women to Wikidata. They are now all known as award winners, they are all women and, I added the date when the award was given.

There were three issues; some articles did not have a Wikidata item. Some were not known to be human and finally some articles did not exist. At this moment these issues have been solved for Wikidata and, I even added Dutch labels for good measure.

What still needs to be done is adding labels in Portuguese and write articles in any language. Finally I would appreciate it if someone could establish if Mrs Zerbini did win the award or not.
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