Wednesday, March 11, 2015

#Kian does #Kannada #Wikipedia

Mr A. Surya Prakash is an author and journalist.There is an article about him on the Kannada Wikipedia. The item on Wikidata exists thanks to Kian. It is one of 48 articles created based on articles. These 48 items are identified as human.

Using Google Translate it is easy to find the English name. Finding additional information about Mr Prakash was easy as well. Several awards he received are not known in English. I added one in Wikidata. Many of the things I did I could have left for Kian to do in a later run. It is however so cool to be able to do share in this knowledge. One thing I did was to merge the Kannada category for journalist.

I asked Amir to have Kian run for all the languages from India. It finished with 500 new humans for Hindi, my latest news is that it is running for Tamil. What we know from the Kian run on the German Wikipedia is that most items have been already been identified for what they are. I found that for only 11 people I could add that they were a journalist.
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