Saturday, March 21, 2015

#Wiidata - the National Thesaurus for Author names

In Wikidata we link to external sources. For authors the NTA Identifier is just one of many. It is associated with the Dutch Royal Library. This identifier is currently associated with 128.701 authors from all over the world.

While the NTA Identifier is used a lot, there is no article about it and, there is no item for it either. As such it is not exceptional.

With a link to the Dutch libraries, it is easy to understand why we could and should cooperate. Libraries are even more into "sharing the sum of all knowledge" than we are; Wikipedia is in the final analysis only an encyclopaedia.

We could do the following:

  • share the information we hold with them
  • ask if they will share the information we hold
  • promote the reading of books and publications
  • link to the Dutch libraries for authors and books to see if a book is available.
Our aim is to share in the sum of all knowledge. The aim of libraries is to share in the sum of all knowledge. We use what they provide as sources in our projects. It is easy and obvious to understand why we should seek for cooperation.
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