Sunday, March 22, 2015

#Wikidata - Gaston's war

Gaston's war is a "1997 film" according to the automated description in Reasonator. At the time of  the Wikimedia Foundation Metrics 3.5.2015 there was no description in English. Since then somebody added the description in English Hurray!!... Eh not really.

It is only Hurray, when you only care about English. In contrast the automated description was there already for most other languages. As relevant, when an item is updated with statements it may reflect in automated descriptions in all languages while a fixed description became stale  maybe even wrong.

In the Metrics meeting it was mentioned that images might exist in the article.. Actually, Wikidata often has images where a Wikipedia article has not.

PS there is an API to create the automated description.. Why not use it?
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