Tuesday, March 24, 2015

#Wikidata - Kian dehumanising disambiguation pages

Logic has it that a disambiguation page like the one for Hristo Nikolov is not a human. There are at least two of them. There are more of them but this disambiguation page does not know about the others..

Hristo Nikolov is the first item of a recent list produced by Kian. All of them include Wikipedia disambiguation pages that have been recognised as a human. It takes attention to fix the issues involved. It includes linking Wikidata items to the correct article and, it means removing and adding statements.

Once all items of this list are done, quality has improved. We can turn over a page and go into "maintenance mode". When this report is run weekly or monthly, there will be only a few new cases. They can be fixed quickly and we can be more confident about the Wikidata quality.
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