Sunday, May 31, 2015

#Wikidata - #awards on #Wikipedia

One argument why not to have lists of awards based on #Wikidata is #dead. The list can include the date it was conferred and, it can be sorted in this way. I asked Magnus how to do this and he showed me..

Yes, there may be all kinds of arguments why it is still not perfect. But things never are. What is relevant is that quality information may show in any Wikipedia. It does not rely on the existence of articles in that language but its information is as good as Wikidata has it.

When there are champions for specific topics like literature, it helps them when they learn that an award has been awarded again or that an article does not exist yet for an author that has been recognised with an award.

Lists are powerful. They provide real information and particularly in the projects where articles on a given subject are few and far between, this is an excellent way of introducing people if only by their red link.

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