Saturday, July 18, 2015

#Wikidata - collaborating on data #sources II

#Freebase had a vested interest in the MacRobert Award. Its recent laureate is Artemis Intelligent Power,  As Wikidata continues to update its information, Freebase will become increasingly incomplete and as a consequence of less relevance to the people who use its data at :BaseKB.

When you do not know about the MacRobert Award, read about it. When this is the first time you hear about Artemis Intelligent Power, read the BBC article about it.. News like this gives us hope for our future.

We can support :BaseKB with our data, we can support any other source who is interested in what Wikidata has to say. It all starts with acknowledging them as sources and it all starts that quality has everything to do with it.

It is all in being open to quality. It is all to being open to reevaluating quality.
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