Sunday, August 30, 2015

#Wikidata - the #firing #line

Wikidata is not good or bad, it is indifferent. It does not care what subjects it includes. For me firing ranges, the use of guns is not something I expect a reasonable person to be involved in. Only people with guns kill with guns. I do not understand people who collect guns or shoot them. I have no respect for them. People get killed as there are too many people with guns.

The suggestion was raised to have an app determining the closest shooting range based on Wikidata data. I objected and was told not to express my opinion. My freedom of speech was shot because apparently it is not allowed to express such an opinion. An opinion that makes the obvious link between guns and the value of life.

People may tell me to shut up, they may be a Wikidata admin even oversighter but by telling people to shut up, they effectively kill not only freedom of speech.
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