Saturday, August 08, 2015

#Wikidata - #Google on Morton Mintz

Mr Mintz is contrary to what Google has to say about him not born in 1946. It is impossible when the Wikipedia article is correct in stating that "in his early years (1946–1958) reported for two St. Louis, Missouri newspapers, the Star-Times and the Globe-Democrat".

This is exactly one of those exceptions where sources matter. Typically Google will have it right and in my opinion only when sources differ it becomes relevant to provide a source for the provided information.

Mr Mintz was born on 26 January 1922 and, he wrote this himself in an essay on I expect that Google will pick up on this information. It is interesting to learn from where they pick this up. Will it be from Wikidata, from the source I provided above or from this blogpost.

I will be most happy when it is Wikidata. It would beg the question if Google would be interested in reporting on differences it is aware of. For me such flags will improve our quality rapidly. Concentrating on differences will have a huge impact and not only at Wikidata.
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