Thursday, August 27, 2015

#Wikidata - Heinz R. Pagels Human Rights of Scientists Award

Awards are often the subject of this blog. Every award has its own merit and every award connects many people as a result. The Heinz R. Pagels Human Rights of Scientists Award is an award hidden in an article on the Committee on Human Rights of Scientists. The story of Mr Pagels is interesting but so are the people who received the award.

Some of them have been prisoners of conscience, all of them have relevance. Most of them deserve more attention, be it in improving their articles, by adding statements in Wikidata, or reading about them. For people to receive an award like this, they have to have been in harms way. It is important to know how easy it is to get into problems and also why some of such problems are worth it.

By exposing awards like this, the people connected in this way get more attention. It is one way of making sure that their effort is valued.
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