Monday, August 31, 2015

#Wikidata - Kian and #quality

Last time Kian was very much a promise. This time, after the announcement by Amir, Kian is so much more. Kian is a tool that can be trained to identify items for what they are. Training means, that parameters are provided whereby the software can act on its own and based on likelihood will make the identification or list it as a "maybe".

Obviously once it is known what an item, an article is about, so much more can be deduced. That is something Kian will do as well.

The thing that pleases me most, is that Kian for its learning makes use of autolists, it means that Kian became part of the existing ecosystem of tools. Eventhough hard mathematics are the background of Kian, it is relatively easy to train because prior knowledge is of value.

In the announcement mail Amir asks for collaboration. One area where this will be particularly relevant is where people are asked to decide where Kian has its doubt. It currently uses reports in the Wiki but it would be awesome if such questions can be asked in the same environement where Magnus asks for collaboration.

Yes, Kian makes use of hard scientific knowledge but as it is structured in this way, it makes a real difference. It is possible to learn to train Kian and when ambiguous results can be served to people for a result, Kian will be most glorious. Its bus factor will not be Amir.
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