Tuesday, August 11, 2015

#Wikidata - #Pen #awards

The many chapters of Pen International confer many awards. Mr Mazin Darwish now has his 2014 award and would it not be fun to have a query that shows all the people who ever were awarded one of the many, many "Pen awards".

First, all the chapters have to be part of Pen International, then all the awards have to be conferred by a Pen chapter and finally all the people have to be recognised as honored with one of the Pen awards.

This is something that is of interest, it is awarding and, why not.

It is much better than following the "instructions" on solving the "garbage" that is the honorary university degrees and doctorates. I am told to find sources for people who have an honorary doctorate or whatever and add sources that provide credence to such a statement. It may be a solution but it is a solution that does not scale.

To be honest, I cannot be bothered. When Wikidata in its infinite wisdom does not have a way to deal with contaminated data, it has a bigger problem, it makes me doubt all existing statements. All that is needed to cope with such issues is a way to flag data for being "suspicious".

With known "no good" data, you invite people to participate in providing a solution. The proposed solution however is not my cup of tea; it is not what I do. I cannot be bothered.

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