Wednesday, February 24, 2016

#Wikimedia - #innovation

Things are improving when people start publicly thinking on how to move forward, how to do things differently. Our foundation is at a cross roads, how to move on and what will we be like. Yuri Astrakhan wonders if smaller, self forming teams might be an idea to be more nimble with new ideas and projects.

There is this notion that 80% of a project often gets done in 20% of the time. Finishing a project, doing the last 20% is the hard part. When an idea is shown to have merit, is allowed to grow a team around it, when it gains momentum and appreciation within the movement and gets approval to be finished there is a new model that motivates people to be creative.

Creative people are more effective, they get more done. Yes, there are problems with this model. How do you ensure the necessary maintenance, how do you ensure that the big attention projects that have been given priority (in whatever way) in the past keep on track. How do you keep people focused within a running project when something new and sexy comes along.

Managing new ideas has its own challenges; what do you do with your own ideas for instance... I am grateful to Yuri for thinking about ways out of the morass. We need to move on and when the same old old is toxic, it is important to dream, to think, to innovate, to be realistic and move on.

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