Thursday, June 16, 2016

#Wikidata - Mark Fiore won the 2016 #Herblock prize

The Herblock prize is just one award I added data to. I grabbed the data from the Wikipedia article and used "Linked Items" to import the winners. I checked the website of the award and noticed that there is a winner.

I added Mr Fiore as the 2016 Herblock prize winner.

I have done this before but something is changing. At Wikidata they are investigating how lists with Wikidata data may be used in a Wikipedia. Now that makes all the work that I have done relevant because I have concentrated on such lists and categories.

When this works out well, it takes one edit to include new data in every Wikipedia that has an interest about certain data. As Wikidata is finally evolving in this direction, things like showing a label, hopefully any label will be what is shown when a label in the language of the Wikipedia is missing are now relevant. Another new feature is that changes from Wikidata may be shown in the history.

The next thing to consider is that when Wikidata knows that somebody studied at a university, it automatically shows in an associated category.. Technically it is not hard, selling it to the Wikipedia crowd maybe.

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