Sunday, June 05, 2016

#Wikidata - Member of the Telangana legislative assembly

I finished my project or members of the Kerala legislative assembly. All 140 members that are part of the editathon have an item, are a politician and it is known to what constituency they were elected from.

It only follows that there is more work to do. For instance for the Telangana legislative assembly there are other challenges. Here there are no articles for most of the representatives and, there are not even red links. I have the impression that there is not much in one of the Indian languages either.

It is easy enough to add items for the missing people, add additional statements but the question is then, why do it? Why not leave it to someone from India? It could be different when there is cooperation

The one big thing that prevents me is that there is nothing that makes the work visible. When redlinks expose data from Wikidata, when the information can be found by searching. There is a lot of important work left to do. As there is no mechanism that shows the value of the work done, I move on to another project.

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