Sunday, January 29, 2017

#Wikimedia - We shall overcome

I am a #Wikimedian. I am probably one of the prolifice ones with edits in many projects. I say this not to brag but to make clear that for me Wikimedia and what we stand for is integral to who I am.

With the authorities of the United States preventing our community coming to the United States it fractures us in a profound way. It makes our head quarters problematic because many key people are no longer welcome to visit; they cannot get there.

One aspect of "the enemy" is that for many people it is not clear who "the enemy" is. Given that we are about a neutral point of view, this is an area where we should make a difference. Documenting our foe is not what I seek; that will be done but let us document all the countries and people whose citizens, whose refugees are no longer officially welcome in the USA. Let us document them with articles in Wikipedia, with images in Commons, with data in Wikidata but let us be clear we shall overcome and we are all welcome at any of our offices, our chapters and in our community.

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