Sunday, November 05, 2017

#Wikimedia - I endorse having a #strategy as it is good to have one

Having a strategy is great. There are objectives and there is an idea how to get there. As the Wikimedia Foundation formulates its strategy, it is complicated. Complicated by necessity because it involves so many interests, people who invested so much of themselves in their project(s), people who speak so many different languages, languages that define them, people with different backgrounds because they define them as well. The strategy must be complicated because it aims to reconcile all these people and the organisations that represent them.

When you are a Wikimedian, it helps when your vision coincides with the vision implicit in this big strategy. I was asked to present at the Wikmedia Nederland conference; I presented a historic view on information gathering and sharing. The presentation was given in English because it was the one common language in the room.

I love presentations but talking with people I love even more. I was asked for stategies behind the things that I do, the things I value. The Luc Hoffman award is an example. It does not have a Wikipedia article but the subject, the science is of real relevance in this time of climate change. The idea of associating links (blue, red and black)  is a non confrontational way to bring Wikidata value to Wikipedia. Adding all the USAmerican alumni from en.wp categories will allow us to keep up with what they hold and know about even more USAmerican alumni. There is method behind the madness.

Now that the Wikimedia strategy goes to the next phase; I hope for many user stories; stories explaining what we are going to do and for whom. I also hope that technical considerations will not prevent innovation and improvements. In the end that is not what a strategy is. It is the hope for the bright future we deserve in our Wikimedia movement.

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