Sunday, July 03, 2005

The need for a reference implementation

To make Ultimate Wiktionary relevant, we need data, we need a big community, we need relevance. Relevance can be had in several ways. One way in which we may get both more people and more content is by making the content of UW as a translation glossary to be used in translation tools. There are several translation tools, Sun Microsystems Opened up its CAT tool, OmegaT is another and, there are more.

The functionality that all these tools will derive from UW is the same. So having an implementation that provide the bare bones of what is needed makes sense. It does help to make a bigger group of people aware of the wish for this cooperation. It hopefully leads to the cooperation of the different communities behind these tools, in order to improve the quality of all the tools.

To communicate about the tool, we have started an experiment with Google groups. Here you find a discussion list. Everyone can read this, but only members may write to this list.. this helps against SPAM :) . It is not a Sourceforge environment yet, this is something that people who will develop this reference implementation should decide on.

It is always exiting to see how these things develop. I hope for the best.


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