Sunday, August 20, 2006

Latin and species

We have an ever growing list of languages in WiktionaryZ. There are always good reasons why we add a specific language; it has a nice script or there is someone interested in adding content or we have a potential partner with an interest in THAT language.

It was suggested to me to have Latin. The motivation was; I have this list of birds and would it not make sense.. It does make sense on one level and, on another it does not. The Latin used to come up with all these taxonomical names is not necessarily the kind of Latin that helps you learn the language.

When we want to include THAT kind of Latin, it makes sense to include the taxonomical relations and attributes that makes taxonomy the science that it is. Considering this, it will need Wikiauthors for it's publication data. It will need some specific database functionality to make this feasible..

I do want Latin but I doubt if this is a good moment to include it.


Friday, August 11, 2006

After Wikimania ... semantic mediawiki

I had a great time at Wikimania, and I am now slowly but surely trying to get things organised. This is not a trivial thing.. loads of people.. loads of interest in what we are doing with WiktionaryZ. The need for becoming organised is becoming increasingly important.. So how do I this, what tool to use.

When I was in Rome I met Denny. He demonstrated how well Semantic MediaWiki can be used for personal use. I was really impressed. Denny installed all the necessary bits on my computer. And it does do many of the things that I need. It allows me to create multiple lists associated with a subject. For instance the organisations involved and the persons involved with a project..

The more I see it, the more impressed I am. The only potential problem I see is that people have to learn more wiki-syntax. As it is so powerful, I would not mind to include semantic mediawiki in WiktionaryZ.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Yochai Benkler: The Wealth of Networks

At Wikimania there were many presentations. Some were great, some were awesome. It is really hard to assess how influential many of these will be. There are ways whereby presentations may become relevant.
  • The message was heard for a first time by a public.
  • The message was told for the first time.
  • The discussion following a presentation brought new insights.
  • The presentation raises questions.
I have truly enjoyed Wikimania. For me the presentation of Yochai Benkler was intriguing. It is about the way Internet is changing how information fits into society. What I understand from the presentation is, that business as usual has had its day and, we are working on what the new model will be for the future.

As I did not grasp what the new role for organizations will be in this brave new world, I bought the book. I bought the book because I strongly believe that there will be a role to play for organizations and if there is to be a recipe for including organizations, businesses I want to have it. If there is no such recipe ..

I have browsed the book so far, many things I do not grasp. In discussions I had earlier in the week I learned how different the notion of "liberal" is depending on the context. As this is also a strong theme in the book, I will be struggling. However, it is fun.