Thursday, July 14, 2005

Working on a table design

I am working on the table design for the Ultimate Wiktionary. I have posted the current version of my ERD and true to the tenets of Open Source I am working on it and will post often, people can deduce what I am thinking. The funny thing is that since the last time I created a more or less working model for an UW, I have learned so much. The resulting datadesign is significantly different. I have come to the realisation that what I create is very much the result of this proces of assimilation of a lots of loose ends in the current Wiktionaries.

One of the things that is funny is that when you design a database design you not only have to think of the data itself, you also have to think about how it is to be used. The problem for me is that the database and the development are pretty much divorced. I know databases pretty well but I do not know the restrictions of MySQL in combination with what Wikidata will bring us.

I find it really thrilling that we are at the stage where there is an imminent need for the datadesign for Ultimate Wiktionary..


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