Sunday, July 02, 2006

A dubious record

I run for the Wiktionary projects the pywikipedia interwiki bot. This is a program that finds articles by the same name in different Wiktionary projects and creates a link to the projects that share this article. I run it for quite some time now and as the projects grow bigger, they share more articles.

The bot is quite nice, it can run autonomously and it updates some 30 wiktionaries at the same time. For the smaller wiktionaries, I run it specifically for a project every now and then.

Yesterday I chalked up the 200.000th edit for the English Wiktionary. It makes it nor unrealistic to think that I have some 600.000 edits on all the wiktionaries. There are six instances of the bot that run at any one time, they run on different projects. I think it is a dubious record because it does not bring me any happiness; it only indicates that there is information about a word that is written in the same way. I doubt very much that anybody does anything with it.

For your amusement; there are MANY English words on the Chinese Wiktionary that cannot yet be found in the English Wiktionary .. :)

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