Saturday, September 30, 2006


I run the pywikipedia bot for the Wiktionary projects. I have done this for quite some time, and what I do is a "public service".. The software is quirky; when it works, it works well. That is until recently when it decided to blank pages for no reason.

This was a great moment to update the software. This did not work; authentication problems. Sourceforge decided to have me change my password. Thank you sourceforge. This was the moment were it still did not work.

I asked Andre Engels to have a look. The result; the bot works again after some major chirurgy. Also the way it works for me is different; it assumes that I have a user on any wiktionary.. This was already more or less the case. It will now test more systems than before to see if an expression exists there..

All in all, I hope / expect that this solves my problems running the pywikipedia bot.

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