Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Chinese language

There is no such thing as "the Chinese language". This should be no surprise to people. When you learn more about Chinese languages, it does not take long that people mean Mandarin and the simplified script when they talk about the Chinese language. For WiktionaryZ, this is not a position that we can leave like that; WiktionaryZ is to be a lexicological, terminological and ontological resource in every language. So we will change Chinese and have it called Mandarin (simplified) we will add Mandarin (traditional) and Min Nam to the languages that we will support in WiktionaryZ.

The basis for this is the way we have embraced ISO-639-3 and the experience we have gained with Serbian and English. For Serbian we have two scripts and this works well, for English the words that are universal are English, the specific US-American words are now English (American).
The only thing left for English is to include English (British).

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