Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Transliteration, do we need to do things twice?

At WiktionaryZ we support all the scripts UNICODE supports. This means that we already do both Serbian in the Cyrillic and the Latin script.. We also support Mandarin in both the simplified and the traditional script.. We want to support Cherokee which is available in the Cherokee and the Latin script ..

Many of these conversions can be done by a program or, like for Mandarin there are databases with both versions of the script. We received from Jeffrey V. Merkey permission to use a long list of Cherokee words, we also received permission to use a program called chr2syl that does transliteration automatically. There is a similar program for Serbian.

WiktionaryZ is at a pre-alpha stage, so we do not even have the basic functionality available, but would it not be nice when we add a Serbian word we automagically get the other version ?

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