Monday, March 09, 2009

Simple Wikipedia

The Simple Wikipedia is a Wikipedia in the English language. It uses easy words and simple sentences. This will help people who are learning English.

When a request for a "simple" Wikipedia in another language is made, it will be denied. The current language policy does not allow for "simple" projects. This has its own problems. Regularly people request the closure of this project because the current policy does not allow for it.

Pathoschild wrote that there are two ways in which new simple Wikipedias might come about:
  • formulate criteria so that the policy can be changed
  • convince the WMF board to accept new "simple" projects
In my opinion the hardest thing to do is convince; convince people either to accept changes to the policy or to convince the board to accept new "simple" projects.  The best way to convince me would be to show how the simple English language Wikipedia makes a difference, how it is used. When it becomes obvious what good the "simple" Wikipedia does, it will also be more obvious how to formulate the criteria that allow for "simple" projects in other languages.

Aphaia mentioned that she successfully "simple" promoted in Japan. David Gerard wondered why "simple" is not better known. David Goodman argued that a "simple" may help people who speak English only, to learn other languages. I say, get all the testimonies and research about "simple" in one place and the least it will do is help stop the unending stream of requests for the closure of the English language "simple" Wikipedia.


Anonymous said...

The best argument for simple wikipedia is the following cartoon from the popular xkcd comic strip:


GerardM said...

It is funny. It does however not convince me.