Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The "popularity" of #wikipedia projects

We aim to bring encyclopaedic knowledge to all people with our Wikipedias. Many if not most of the people do not speak the language of one of our ten most popular projects. These ten languages do not include Chinese and Hindi, to name just two and get at this moment 91,18% of our traffic.

The Chinese Wikipedia used to be the eleventh in traffic, but this month the Turkish Wikipedia attracts more eyeballs. In a similar way, the Macedonian Wikipedia proved more popular then the Hindi Wikipedia since a couple of months. Chinese grew 20% and Hindi grew 95% on a yearly basis .. REALLY respectable !!

When you look at the table and check out the statistics, you will find that there are many Wikipedias doing really, really well. It shows because they are outgrowing the top 10 Wikipedias. As I have said in the past, with a bit of luck, they will have together 85% of our traffic in five years..
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