Saturday, December 10, 2011

#Wikimedia #mobile has language support

The proof of the pudding is in the eating and for the localisers at, it is very much in seeing their work used in action. Brion send an e-mail happily announcing the first export from translatewiki.
Niklas has landed the first commit of localization data from into the repository. The app now picks up the language in Android's locale and shows localized menus in most of the UI.
It _should_ also default to the selected language for content on first launch.
There are a couple bugs yet:
* Changing locales while the app is running doesn't take effect 
* Chinese locales don't work 
We also have localizations for a number of languages that aren't necessarily in a default Android device's set of languages, such as Hebrew and various Indic languages. These *should* work on Android devices that have been customized with locales for those languages, but we'd appreciate testing!
-- brion
We will be very interested to learn if there are Android devices with customised locales for the Indic languages.


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