Thursday, August 07, 2014

#Wikimania - Mr Salil Shetty, #Amnesty International

Mr Shetty spoke at Wikimania 2014. He explained how much Amnesty International and the Wikimedia Foundation have in common. He did a good job and many of the people at the conference proved to have been involved with campaigns of Amnesty in the past. One of the things it does is ask for international attention for people who are in trouble, they are often in jail, they have been tortured and, as the record shows attention helps.

What we could do at Wikidata is decide that all the people who need attention for reasons valid to Amnesty International are notable enough to have an item. We would have all the notable information about these people, this include their profession and the fact that AI considers them at risk and links to more information for instance at the website of AI. This provides the basic information when people decide that there are too many reasons to write a Wikipedia article.

All too often the tipping point for writing an article is the death of a person on a list like this. My hope is that there will be few of these occasions when an article gets actually written.

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