Wednesday, September 10, 2014

#Wikidata - Eberhard Schlotter

Mr Schlotter died on september 8th. During his life many of his achievements were celebrated with awards. According to Wikidata he received among others the Q2571516 this award was named after Mr Q2573984 a noted German sculptor.

When you look at the information for the award, Reasonator will provide you with sufficient information as can be seen in the screenshot. Mr Loth is named by Reasonator as well.

My hope is that when Wikidata gets its UI make over, a good look will be given at the functionality of Reasonator and its killer features like, showing labels where they are available, will be adopted.  A machine may make sense out of Q2571516 but for me a text like "Wilhelm-Loth-Preis" is much more informative.
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