Tuesday, May 26, 2015

#Wikidata - Awards

Awards are powerful. They recognise people or organisations for the work they have done. I noticed that the Pulitzer prizes were announced. I noticed that the Goldman Environmental Award are not well developed on Wikidata so there are always more awards and recipients to register.

We do know how often an award was registered. We also know that many recipients have not been registered. They either do not exist at all or they are not known to have received an award.

When an award is worthy of a Wikipedia article, they are worthy of proper attention. When an award is registered, it makes sense for people who have a list of the award on their watchlist to be notified.. Alternatively it is left to Wikidata to update lists of awards.

In this way we make better use of the data we hold and have a better chance of maintaining the quality of our Wikipedias.
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