Wednesday, January 04, 2017

#Wikidata - Abdas of Susa

Abdas of Susa was a Catholic bishop, he had the ear of the Sasanian king. His religion was even promoted by king Yazdegerd I until Abdas in a dispute burned a temple of Zoroaster. He was told by the king to pay for the destruction he caused. He refused and it resulted in an about face by the king. Churches were to be burned and Abdas became a victim of the following riots. Abdas is considered a martyr.

Consider; if Abdas had not burned the temple or paid for the damage, the role of the Catholic church would have been much different. The religious intolerance of Abdas is forgotten he is now a martyr. The problem with celebrating such people is that they serve as a role model. There are plenty of people like Abdas from any and all religions. My question is how to find them in either Wikipedia or Wikidata.

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