Monday, January 23, 2017

#Wikipedia - #Sources anyone?

Sources are important. They make it obvious what is correct and what is not. For content in Wikidata Wikipedia is an important source of information. It aims to be neutral and there are loads of sources.

When you bring the information together in a tree like the one to the right, it follows that all the information has to agree with that interpretation. It all starts with "Duqaq Temür Yalığ" but he is called "Toqaq" in the article on Seljuq.

The article on the Seljuk Empire is quite wonderful because it includes the spouses of the Sultans and their lineage. Really relevant to understand the politics of the time.

I do include information where I can find and understand it. Quite often, information is problematic. Sometimes it is obviously wrong as in attributing a person to a modern country. As more data is entered, the information becomes more complicated and coherent. Errors become more glaringly obvious. It becomes more and more a matter of adding individual statements that are the difference and not so much long lists of data.

At some stage the puzzles will be left and sources will need to be sought to make the right statements, not the obvious statements.

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