Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Just another day

Today is just another day. I try to write every day something that is of interest. This is becoming more difficult. This is not because of a lack of things to write about. If anything it is the opposite. I do not want to write more than once a day and therefore selection is what is problematic.

  • We have discussed that we are in danger of getting too much content. This may mean that we have to slowly absorb content and not make a big mess.
  • There was someone new to me who came to Sabine and wanted to help us connect with someone we are already working with. The great thing is that this is a great person that can help the Wiki for Standards project along. He is also someone who could become relevant for WiktionaryZ
  • Today I found this proposal called Wikimaps This is a proposal that was missing localisation, so I added it as a "must have" feature. When this is going to happen, many translators will be happy for a resource that helps with geographic data.
  • I have been thinking more about partners. There is so much work and there are so many problems that will come our way and there are so many organisations that can help us manage. It would be folly not to collaborate and it would be ungrateful not to acknowledge these organisations.
  • Quistnix told me that conversions are happening because messages about "namespaces". He is very active with interwiki links so he would notice these things.
  • I received a mail about Maltese verbal morphology. This came with a request on how we could collaborate.
Truly most of these items deserve their own blog entry and I am certain that I have not mentioned everything that was relevant today.. For instance I received this nice mail from someone in the LISA organisation..

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